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About InnovX

InnovX is a leading consulting group that was founded in Montreal, Canada, with the ambition to provide a consulting experience that exceeds all expectations. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized and unique strategies, ensuring that each engagement is truly a better experience.


Unlike many others, transferring our knowledge to empower you and your team is one of the key success factors with our clients. We firmly believe in the adage that teaching to catch a fish is better than providing a fish. This includes refining your internal processes and developing your team to help you reach the level of independence that you desire and can support.  


We measure our success by the quality and the speed of the execution of our mandates, our client’s satisfaction, and the lasting relationships we foster through perpetual transparency and professionalism.

Challenge the status quo to provide a consulting experience that exceeds all expectations.

a better experience neon.
Lego timeline of the InnovX team.

Get to Know the Experts Behind Our Success

Why Work With Us

Your Peace of Mind

Your project is in trustworthy hands with us. We're not just consultants; we're your dedicated partners in success, committed to going the extra mile for you.

Simplifying Complex Challenges

We simplify complex problems for you, delivering clear and compliant control over your projects each and every time.

Solutions Made Just for You

Your unique challenges deserve innovative solutions. Our vast experience across multiple sectors means you get services that fit just right.

Boutique Attention, Budget-Friendly

Receive the focused, personalized service you'd expect from a boutique firm, but with a cost-effectiveness approach that respects your budget.

An InnovX employee seated in the cabin of a red tractor, with another person working in the background surrounded by trees.

a better experience is part of our daily life

We have taken this simple statement and made it part of our core way of carrying ourselves, starting with our team, extending to our clients, and equally incorporating a better experience to our community. 

Pushing boundaries by adding a touch of humour to the serious world of life sciences.

Dive into our Regulatory Poetry universe, where our real-world experience meets classic literature, with a twist.

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